On this page, you'll get an idea about just how comprehensive my efforts are in creating BASEBALL BLIPS 2017.

On DISC 1, you'll find a collection of everyone's favorite organ and percussion clap-along events, just the right trumpet events, numerous cool sports ditties, (and my originals), as well as a number of toe tapp'n upbeat full length organ tunes. There's a series of chords that are perfect for introducing your starting lineup. With this lineup sound event, just pause your computer's media player after each organ event, and a following chord (up the scale) is ready for the next player announcement. There are robust renditions of the National Anthem and Take Me Out To The Ballgame. How about a snappy Happy Birthday for that special fan. Disc 1 gives you 90 events with which to entertain your fans. And, the new organ music library sounds fantastic. I've added rich bass tracks for systems that really support the lower frequencies. It's fat! It's big! It's huge! It will sound great on your sound system!

DISC 2 of BASEBALL BLIPS 2017 is just part of your sound effects library containing, 99 great events! Ever wish you had a gag sound for a foul ball landing in the crowd? Maybe a great breaking glass event when a batter slices a line drive into the parking lot? How about a cool cartoony bongo/ricochet event when your player steals a base?...An air raid siren for that special dinger? There are loads of neat effects to use when the home team gets a hit or makes a great play on the field! Something cool for any game situation.

DISC 3 of the BASEBALL BLIPS 2017 Audio Library contains another 99 great sound effects! Lots of cool clap along stuff, more sounds if you want to have fun with foul balls, and dozens of additional events that will help out with rallies, home runs, etc. You wouldn't want to enter your audio booth without these entertaining audio files!

Below, you'll get to hear samples of the organ music from Disc 1, excerpts from Disc 2, and a complete listing of track information from both discs.

You can get the track information for Disc 3, "Stings" Discs 1-7, , (as well as Discs 1 and 2), by sending me an e-mail, and ask for (Word Docs) Track Information for all ten discs. E-mail me your phone number and I'd be happy to call you, play a few sounds and answer any questions. And you can always call me at 727-442-4971. Mornings are best, EST.


Car Wash Claps
Cavalry Trumpet
Center Field Claps
Comin' Round
D-D-Down Up D
Down Up Down
Fantastic Claps
Finnish Polka
Hat Dance
Let's Go
Let's Go Chords
Mexican Hat
Over the Mountain


4 Booms
Adams Family
National Anthem
Baseball Clap
Beer Barrel Polka
Beethoven's 5th
Boom Boom
Can Can
Candy Man
Carwash Claps
Carwash Organ
Cavalry Horn
Center Field Claps
Center Field Drums
Chicken Dance
Chord Let's Go
Chromatic - Organ
Hey little Cobra
College Try
Comin' Round
Crocodile Rock
Drunken Sailor
Down Up Down
DDD Up Down
DDD & Uh
Drum Beats
Fantastic Claps
Finnish Polka
Green Acres
Good Love
Gypsy 1
Happy Days R Here
Happy Birthday
Happy & You Know It
Hat Dance
HB Beatles Clap
Here We Go 2
Here We Go 3
Hungarian Dance No. 5
I Ho Let's Go
Introductions (Player)
Laya Little Claps
Let's Go 120
Let's Go 2
Let's Go 3
Little Bit Clap
Mexican Clap
Mexico Hat 52
Mexico 2
New Chant
New Star
O Canada
Oobla De Oobla Da
Organ Whistle
Over The Mountain
Pleasant Valley
Rock In USA
Saw Her Standing There
Straight No Claps
Summer In The City
Sweet Caroline
Tag 1
Tag 2
Tag 3
Tag 4
Tag 5
Tag 6
Tag 7
Tag 8
Tag 9
Tag 10
Tag 11
Tag 12
Tag 13
Shake Tail Feather
Take Me Out - Ball Game
Take Me Out - Tag
Toe Tap 1
Twilight Zone - TV
Up Down Up
William Tell


Breaking Glass  
Yeah Baby
Air Raid Siren
Dudley Dooright
Skyrocket 3
Oh Yeah!        
Skyrocket 4
Whoop Loop
I'll Be Back          
Curly 1
Pour A Beer
Rim Shot
Stolen Base


20th Century Fox
Adios Yosemite Sam
Ah Ow
Air Raid 2
Bad Feeling
Hey Batter
Big Deal
Big Mouth - Yose. Sam
Bowling Ball
Burp 2
Clap 4
Cliff - Cheers
Cops - Siren
Crash 11
Double Whoa
Dragnet Intro
Drum Roll
Dudley Dooright
Erased - Arnold
Excellent 2
Excuse Me - Steve Martin
Good Bad Ugly
Giddyup Bubba - Sanford
Golly - Gomer Pyle
Hallelujah - Choir
Hallelujah - Voice
Halp - Daffy
Hasta La Vista - Arnold
Here's Johnny - McMahan
Horn 3
Hot Dog - Jethro
Houston - Problem
I'll Be Back
Jeopardy Theme
Large Spring
Let's Rock This Joint!
Make My Day - Eastwood
Meep Meep - Road Runner
Minnie Moocher
Missed It - Maxwell Smart
Nananana - Curly
Nananana 2
Nice Mess - Stan Laurel
Nip It In The Bud - Barney
No Coaching - Daffy Duck
Nyuk 3 - Curly
Oh Behave - Austin Powers
Oh Yeah! Cosmo
Ouch 2
Pour A Beer
No Problemo - Arnold
Quit Stallin! - Yose. Sam
Little Rascals Theme
Rim Shot 2
Rocket 1 - Foul Ball
Rocket 2 - Foul Ball
Rocket 3 - Foul Ball
Rocket 4 - Foul Ball
Rocket 5 - Foul Ball
Rocket 6 - Foul Ball
Rocket - Flintstones Skid
Running Feet - Bongos
Scream 2
Something Screwy - Fudd
Shazam - Gomer Pyle
Smashing - Austin Powers
Tazmanian Devil
That Was Beautiful
That's All Folks - Porky
That's The Fact Jack!
Train 1
Train 2
Help! - Tweety Bird
War Declared - Eastwood
Warning! - Robot
Whoop Loop
Whoo Yee!
Woob Woob - Curly
Yahahahahaha - Curly
Yeah Baby
Yeah 2

You can get the track information for Disc 3, "Stings" Discs 1-7, , (as well as Discs 1 and 2), by sending me an e-mail, and ask for (Word Docs) Track Information for all ten discs.